We deliver only the highest quality services and have been for 27 years!


Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff are here to get you started on the way to an “ Invisible Repair”. An estimator will explain the necessary repairs to your vehicle in an honest, simple and straightforward manner.If you are working with an insurance company we can definitely help in that department as well.

We are very familiar with all major insurance companies and will assist you in navigating through the claim process. If your vehicle isn’t safe to drive, call us and we will have it towed to our facility. We are dedicated to restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Your vehicle will be returned, hand washed and cleaned inside and out along with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Accident repair is the heart of our business. Our certified technicians are trained to work on all makes and models and participate in ongoing education programs on the latest vehicle technologies and materials. Our shop takes pride in offering a clean, inviting environment and featuring state-of-the-art unibody and frame repair equipment.

All of our technicians take pride in their work. In fact they love what they do so much, their occupation is also their hobby. Very few people can say they have that kind of passion. Our technicians have their own antique automobiles they are building. If they can customize and rebuild these older yet fun automobiles just think how well they will be able to repair yours.


Duplicating the factory paint finish is a specialty at Altman’s Body Shop. We use a computerized paint-mixing system and a downdraft painting booth which enable us to match your vehicle’s paint color perfectly. The clean environment in the paint booth minimizes paint defects while keeping harmful paint vapors from reaching the air we breathe. After painting the finish is baked on – just like the factory. Our painter has been in the business for 25 years, and all of them at our facility. He is well known for his exceptional color matching ability.


Tired of those minor dents and dings from shopping carts, other vehicles, errant baseballs and hail storms? Are they becoming more of an eye-sore; growing more and more irritating and unsightly, but often aren’t worth repairing with a high insurance deductible? We have a process called paintless dent repair that provides a cost-effective solution for removing these dents and dings. Not all paintless dent repair facilities are the same, so make sure you’re taking your vehicle to a well-known body shop like Altman’s for this service: All Repair, No Paint!


After your vehicle has been fully repaired and painted, we give it a full-service interior and exterior cleaning to make it look as good as it did the day you bought it.